a pattern of a submarine, pencil drawing, slim object in illustrator

a pattern with bugs and flowers and seedpods, vector art

A pattern with colorful houses, the colorful village 

a pattern with lucky charms in fifties pastels 

groups of birds in the calm sea

birds in the waves

pattern with teapots and water bottles 

vintage teapots and cups with pink background

A mock up tablecloth  with a pattern of winter theme

glasses and lemon 

pattern of sea birds

colorful houses and Christmas trees

1: teapots and cups, 2 Just teapots, 3: just teapots on bright green
1: seedpots and flowers, yellow, pink and green. 2: oak leaves yellow. 3: papercut seedpots and leaves, black. 4: yellow flower and bird ink drawing. 5: seedpots white on black. 6 yellow ochre seedpots with pink
1: vases black and white, ink drawings. 2: vases white on grey, ink drawings 

red, blue and grey school of fish

Yellow full of fish

silver heron and leaves

quale hidden in leaves

quale and leaves

fruit papercuts orange and blue

pirex and veggies (o.a. papercut)

1: happy campfire yellow and green, 2: yellow and pink 
1: kitchen tools, blue and yellow 2: green and grey, 
1: happy camper green, 2: red
1: pots on yellow, 2: pyrex blue and white, 3: tea anyone?
1: pattern vintage sewingmachines, threads and buttons, 2: tray with sewing machines design
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