Pattern made out of cut out elements of the New York theme. It was original made for Mats Bootcamp 2020. The assignment was for a poster for west side story (see illustrations)

This pattern and its coordinates are made of the cyclist illustrations that I made for the Vuelta 2020. Which should start in Utrecht, but due to corona the courses was postponed. The cyclist is cut out of paper and vectorized. 

Pattern for collection, not a wallflower, idea for wallpaper to bring abstract nature in your house
Pattern of Physalis (lampionbloem - orange lantern flower), vector

Mock up wallpaper yellow flower field

pattern made from paper cuts, Mock up cushion

Pattern of vintage sewing machines, buttons and yarn, vector

Vintage coffee and teapots line drawing pattern, vector 

Peas and beetroot are some of my favorite vegetables, some line drawing and some 

paper cuts, vector

papercut abstract flowers patterns, lets create an abstract garden, vector

Paper cut flowers and birds

Paisley flower pattern, line drawings, vector

Paper cuts and line drawing, (vector)

page with selection of my collection paper flowers: papierbloemen: zaadbollen 

(Paperflowers: seedpods)

page with selection  of collection paper flowers: papierbloemen: Abstracte tuin

(Paperflowers, abstract garden) 

pink poppy flower in the green grass, collection (Bloemenweide) Flower Field,

pencil and pen, vector

pink poppy flower on yellow, from the collection Bloemenweide 

(Flower Field,) pencil and pen, vector

Some abstract dandelions and coordinates

Collection Vintage keuken (vintage kitchen) , Pattern of vintage steel pans for handmade coffee and coffee grinder, line draw and vectorized

groups of birds in the calm sea

birds in the waves

pattern with teapots and water bottles 

Vintage teapots and cups with pink background, vector

glasses and lemon, vector

colorful houses and Christmas trees, vector

1: oak leaves yellow. 2: papercut seedpots and leaves, black. 3: yellow ochre seedpots with pink
 vases black and white, ink drawings, vector

silver heron and leaves, vector

quale hidden in leaves, vector

quale and leaves, vector

fruit papercuts orange and blue, vector

pirex and veggies (o.a. papercut) vector

1: pots on yellow,  2: tea anyone? vector
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