A map illustration I made of my hometown Utrecht, My favorite coffee places!

pepercut and pencil illustration made into vector

Riso print of 2 of my illustrations

A page for a graphic novel assignment for bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course. 2 colors

An Illustration for an article about Wabi Sabi for an assignment of Bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course, spot illustration

A notebook cover  with a girl and magnolia's and a pattern on some tape; text: my dreams and adventures

A notebook cover with flowers like geraniums, my dreams and adventures

Illustration enyoing  my gingerbread latte

Merry christmas, the big green house with the purple roof

Merry christmas, A little green house with a blue door and a cyclist almost home

colorful houses and a rider on his bike 

This is a submission for a cover competition for Uppercase 2018

christmas cards with gingerbread/speculaas cookies

White Herrin in green leafs

a colorfull Quale in green leafs

1 and 2: bookcover and lose object illustrations from my bag,3: a page for a fictional book: What's in her bag? Tina Fey as subject

Tea leaves reading. 'I see something beautiful', mock up cover of a notebook,

Teacup reading lady looking at you

A female Saying; i see something beautiful while reading the tealeaves in your cup

1: tray with pattern and sewing box with vintage sewingmachines, 2: Blue tray with vintage sewing machine
1: All the different sewing machines, treads and buttons: red, blue, pink, 2: All the different sewing machines 2 in colorstyle mint, green, yellow and some pink
portret of Belva Ann Lockwood, Suffragette and first female attorney in USA
Mr poppy's day out. A graphic novel type page, the assignment has a girl, dog, man, yellow cap, crocodile, boat in it.

An image I did for sweet Sweet Music Blog, a blog about powerpop bands. (drawing and papercut)

A job I did for a music Blog, Sweet Sweet Music Blog, a blog for powerpop bands. I used drawings and papercut combined
sea theme: postcards and posters
illustrations fruits: postcards design, papercut, ecoline, pen and illustrator
illustrations birds: postcards design and posters
big birds/owl: postcard design
1: papercut face roaring twenties, 2: cover coloringbook roaring twenties/hair and faces.
selfportret, vector based
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