A map illustration I made of my hometown Utrecht, My favorite coffee places!

paper cut and line drawing made into vector

bird of paradise and Toucan, paper cut 
blue bird and toucan , paper cut

 Paper cut: cut out/close up, 50x50 cm poster of the bird of paradise

Paper cut icons for a winter theme, hot cocoa, skates, hats and a cosy fire
musicians and instruments, Paper cut and line drawing, an illustration mate for sweet sweet music blog
with love, drawing and paper cut
with love, drawing and paper cut
With love

Riso print of 2 of my illustrations

A page for a graphic novel assignment for bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course. 2 colors


stickers sheet for scrapbook, travel theme

cruise boats

An Illustration for an article about Wabi Sabi for an assignment of Bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course, spot illustration

illustration enjoying my gingerbread latte

Root vegetables illustration

A notebook cover  with a girl and magnolia's and a pattern on some tape; text: my dreams and adventures

A notebook cover with flowers like geraniums, my dreams and adventures

peper and salt shakers, lighthouse and seagull, racecar and female racer

illustration for illostories 2019, poem illustration

Belva Ann Lockwood, Suffragette

paper cut baby 

paper cut females in black

green eyed girl, line drawing

Merry christmas, the big green house with the purple roof

Merry christmas, A little green house with a blue door and a cyclist almost home

colorful houses and a rider on his bike 

White Herrin in green leafs

a colorful Quale in green leafs

1 and 2: bookcover and lose object illustrations from my bag,3: a page for a fictional book: What's in her bag? Tina Fey as subject

Tea leaves reading. 'I see something beautiful', mock up cover of a notebook,

A female Saying; i see something beautiful while reading the tealeaves in your cup

icons of teapots and cups

 Tray with pattern and sewing box with vintage sewing machines, line drawing
 Sewing machines in mint, green, yellow and some pink
posters of vintage sewing machines, line drawing 
Mr poppy's day out. A graphic novel type page, the assignment has a girl, dog, man, yellow cap, crocodile, boat in it.

Paper cut: Female, roaring 20 with some line drawing of leaves

Paper cut ransuil with texture and line drawing

sea theme: postcards and posters
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