An Illustration of Amanda Gorman, with a quote of her poem. all paper cuts and some line drawing, vector

Bootcamp 2021: Create a graphic novel page. I decided I wanted all de illustrations made of paper cuts and also use the negative shape of the cut outs. vector

CONTEST Grand prize winner Make It in design by Rachael Taylor 2020

illustration made with a quote from Beth Kempton's new book " We are in this together" (2020) The illustration was made for a contest with Make it in design of Rachael Taylor. It won the grand prize of 1000 pounds worth of courses in the design field. The art is made with paper cut and handwritten letters.

The jury said: Announcing the ✨GRAND PRIZE WINNER✨ of our latest typography competition, as selected by our Co-founder and author of 📖 " We Are in This Together: Finding hope and opportunity in the depths of adversity"  @bethkempton and the Make it in Design Team!

A HUGE congratulations to our winner…

☀️Sabeth Elberse @sabethelberse_studio☀️

"We felt this striking design beautifully wove together ideas about life, nature, peace and inner stillness, all themes of the book We Are in This Together, where the quote is taken from. We also loved the gentleness of the typography used for this quote, which served the words well. Plus the colour palette is original and stunning."

" Beth Kempton: This is sooooo gorgeous. Thank you for bringing my words to life in this way. Huge congratulations"  

paper cut cyclist for Vuelta in Utrecht

sketch line drawing and paper cut man
sketch line drawing and paper cut man
Paper cut man sitting at table
Paper cut man sitting at table

paisley print made for a course assignment a a  puzzle. Paper cut and line drawing, vector

paisley print lots of pink
paisley print lots of pink
paisley print oncre
paisley print oncre

poster for an assignment course with make art that sells, paper cut West Side Story poster, Broadway musical

A mission statement to grow my art with my favorite medium, paper cuts

A map illustration I made of my hometown Utrecht, My favorite coffee places!

paper cut and line drawing made into vector

bird of paradise and Toucan, paper cut 
blue bird and toucan , paper cut

 Paper cut: cut out/close up, 50x50 cm poster of the bird of paradise

Paper cut icons for a winter theme, hot cocoa, skates, hats and a cosy fire
musicians and instruments, Paper cut and line drawing, an illustration made for Sweet Sweet Music blog

A page for a graphic novel assignment for bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course. I wanted to use just 2 colors, line drawing and paper cuts, vector

stickers sheet for scrapbook, travel theme

An Illustration for an article about Wabi Sabi for an assignment of Bootcamp by Lilla Rogers, Make art that sells course, spot illustration

A notebook cover  with a girl and magnolia's and a pattern on some tape; text: my dreams and adventures

A notebook cover with flowers like geraniums, my dreams and adventures

Merry christmas, card. A little green house with a blue door and a cyclist almost home

White Herrin in green leafs

a colorful Quale in green leafs

1 and 2: bookcover and lose object illustrations from my bag,3: a page for a fictional book: What's in her bag? Tina Fey as subject

Tea leaves reading. 'I see something beautiful', mock up cover of a notebook,

icons of teapots and cups

 Sewing machines in mint, green, yellow and some pink
posters of vintage sewing machines, line drawing 
Mr poppy's day out. A graphic novel type page, the assignment has a girl, dog, man, yellow cap, crocodile, boat in it.
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