mock up presenting ceramics with illustrations or patterns
mock up fabric/textile with illustrations and patterns of leaves and flowers and seedpots
mock up of itens in glass with illustration or pattern
mock up with metal home ware with illustrations and patterns of birds and leafs/flowers
mock up with wood with birds and leaves and fish
1: mock up pencil case with a zipper, you can buy it at my redbubble shop at, sabeth studio
2: mock up plates inspired by staffordshire pottery
mock up notebook with a flower theme
mock up notebook roses
mock up drawings of a tea set as a tribute to ellis island
mock up patten for a backpack. Pattern made with papercut shapes
tea towels mock ups with 1: ink drawn seedpots 3: teacup with steaming tea is a webshop where my patterns are sold at sabethstudio.
1: shirt with bird and yellow flower, 2: dress with seedpods,

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