Utrecht wielerstad, design made by paper cut,  The Vuelta of 2020 will start in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands 

paper cut cyclist- wielrenner made for the start of Vuelta 2020 in Utrecht  with de Dom of Utrecht- poster and cards

paper cut cyclist-wielrenner for start Vuelta 2020 in Utrecht, poster 40x60 and cards

paper cut cyclist -wielrenner for start Vuelta 2020, poster and card

paper cut  cyclist - wielrenner, female, start of Vuelta 2020 in Utrecht, cards and poster 20x30

Utrecht Wielerstad, paper cut, card

cyclists in group, paper cut

female cyclist 2019

Bracelets and pin of the cyclist originally made out of paper cut for the start of the Vuelta 2020 in Utrecht. Material is neoprene 
Notebook with a blind pressed  cyclist, el ciclista, Vuelta 2020
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