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My name is Sabeth Elberse, I am a freelance Illustrator, Surface  designer and maker who likes playing with colour and shapes to create bold designs. I am from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
I create unique artwork for a variety of mediums. Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, My creative process starts with paper cutting, which allows me to create bold an imperfect shapes and lines, These cutouts serve as a template for the final design, which is often rendered digitally (vector art) to give it color, texture and the possibility to make it large. The result is a unique piece of artwork that is perfect for a range of applications. The designs always originate by manual created work.
I grew up on a farm with a very creative family, that made me the creative person I am today. A creator of a modern retro style with bold colors and simple shapes. I prefer scissors and black or white paper to start designing. What I like about this way of working is the imperfection of it. Which makes it often interesting.
I am inspired by mid-century modern style, and these elements, bold colors, abstract shapes, and playful patterns are showing in my work. I create designs and artwork with bold shapes. Whether it's creating patterns for fabrics or designing artwork for stationary, the colorful work with hand created basis.
I have an Etsy shop with products of my designs like tapestries and art prints.
Licensing or commission: for Licensing and/or collaborations, or commissions, you can contact me via my contact page, email hello@sabethelbersestudio.nl or by social media. (instagram and facebook, see my icons at the homepage) See Patternfield app.
Keeping educated: Make art that sells by Lilla Rogers, Make it in design of Rachael Taylor. In 2020 I won a grand prize of 1000 pounds worth of courses by Make it in design by Rachael Taylor with an Illustration with quote of Beth Kempton of her new book " We are in this together" (2020),Flourish by Bonnie Christine and Creating Collections by Victoria Johnson.
Etsy shop (SabethElberseStudio)  where I sell my own products like tapestries and posters.
Clients: www.ompak.nl: sinterklaas wrappingpaper, Actual Bike Wear: illustration, bag, cycling shirt, 2020/2022, Vereniging eigenhuis magazine, juni 2020,illustratie artikel verduurzamen, www.sweetsweetmusicblog.wordpress.com: header and music illustrations​​​​​​​.
My tapestries, posters, cushions and cards are for sale at vintage store: Meneer en mevrouw de Boer.

Sabeth Elberse, (Utrecht) Ik ben een freelance illustrator, print -en pattern ontwerper en maker. Ik ontwerp met papieren cut outs kleurrijke illustraties, abstract en figuratief. 
Ik maak unieke ontwerpen voor allebei verschillende mediums, papier, textiel en aardewerk. Mij ontwerp proces begint met mijn schaar en zwart papier en dat geeft enorm veel vrijheid. Ik ontwerp veelal  met abstracte vormen maar ook mensen, bloemen of dieren. Ik hou van de simpelheid en het is nooit perfect. De cutouts zijn de basis van het ontwerp, daarna scan ik ze in, vectorize en geeft ik kleur en textuur aan het design.
Licensing/collaborations: voor licenties of samenwerking of een andere vraag, stuur me een berichtje. Dit kan via email hello@sabethelbersestudio.nl 
etsyshop verkoop van katoenen wandkleden (in Nederland gedrukt en gemaakt), artprints en andere geïllustreerde producten.
Blijven leren met: Make art that sells van Lilla Rogers, Make it in Design van Rachael Taylor, Creating collections van Victoria Johnson en Flourish van Bonnie Christine.
 Klanten oa: www.Ompak.nl: sinterklaas pakpapier, Vereniging eigenhuis magazine, spot illustration, 2020 Actual Bike Wear, Vuelta illustratie, wielershirt,2020/2022 tas, beeld 10 jaar bestaan. www.sweetsweetmusicblog.wordpress.com: header en illustraties
Mijn kaarten, posters, wandkleden en andere producten zijn te koop in de vintage (meubel) winkel van Meneer en mevrouw de Boer in Utrecht. 
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